30-Day Cookbook

Why would you want to spend time in the kitchen cooking when you can spend time in front of your laptop writing a novel?

30-Day Novel Cookbook offers 30 recipes for quick and easy meals so you won’t starve during your month-long, novel-writing journey.

Make-Ahead Meals offers recipes you can make ahead of time and toss into the freezer. Stock up on delicious dinners before you begin writing your novel.

30-Minute Meals offers quick and easy recipes that take thirty minutes or less so you can write more words in your novel.

Crock Pot Recipes are literally a literary blessing. Toss some food into a crock pot before you put your butt in the chair and begin writing.

Story munchies and food for thought are offered throughout the book. Enjoy recipes such as...
  • Be Kind to Yourself Beef Stew;
  • Make More Time to Write Mexican Pork Chops;
  • Who Cares if Your Words Suck Southwestern Beef Strips;
  • Crazy Enough to Write a Novel in Thirty Days Chicken Cacciatore;
  • Geeky, Gecko, Can’t Spell Greek Chicken;
  • Don’t Feed Your Muse Meatloaf; and many more.
Prep and cook times are given for each recipe, along with tips and tidbits of novel-writing wisdom.
Riverstone Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-883717-67-4;134 pages

Print book is available on Amazon... $9.95
ebook is available at Kindle, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble... $0.99

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