Sunday, October 16, 2016

Novel Prep ~ Blueprint

Are you thinking about writing a novel? Maybe you have it all planned out on paper or maybe your story is playing out in your mind.

My first novel came easily to me. I just sat down at my laptop and banged out the words in thirty days. Then I started to write a second novel which quickly turned into a hot mess. That certainly put some planning into the picture for me for my future novels.

I decided to write a workbook that would be helpful in sketching out a story... leaving it open enough so that any writer would be able to play with the magic inside their imagination and let the story they have inside come out and play on the pages.

The workbook guides you through YOUR novel, the way YOU want to write it. It invites you into the magic inside your mind and shows you how to make the writing magic happen. It offers a sense of direction and lots of things to think about as you begin to plan and write your novel. It encourages you to bring forth and listen to all your totally wonderful, magnificent novel ideas that your muse whispers inside your mind and your imagination. Read more...