30-Day Novel ~ Workbook / Guide

You’re invited on a magical novel-writing adventure...
Maybe you’re thinking about writing a 50,000-word novel in a month. Would you like to know what you’re getting yourself into?
This guide offers you everything you need to know, and probably more than a few things you don’t want to know, along with a roadmap for your month-long, novel-writing journey.

You’ll discover the essential elements to include in your novel; how to structure and sketch out your story; how to prep for a 30-day writing marathon; what you should do if your muse goes missing; a 30-day doubt dialog for when you need a kick in the butt, and so much more.

30-Day Novel invites you into the magic inside your mind and shows you how to make the writing magic happen. It offers a sense of direction and lots of things to think about as you begin to plan and write your novel. It encourages you to bring forth and listen to all your totally wonderful, magnificent novel ideas that your muse whispers inside your mind and your imagination. Inside this 30-day guide to writing your novel, you’ll find:
  • Premise, promise, and purpose of your novel;
  • Story seeds—shaping and setting up your novel;
  • Three-act structure, hero’s journey, and beat sheets;
  • Setting, world-building, and creating your characters;
  • Capturing your plot bunnies and random thoughts;
  • How to develop your plot, subplots, and story line;
  • Foreshadowing, flashbacks, and back story;
  • Tips and tricks for writing a novel in thirty days;
  • Brainstorms, roadmaps, and sketchy shapes; and
  • How to open your imagination and set it free.

This book invites you to scribble all your wonderful, magnificent novel ideas and notes, and turn them into a beautiful book. Writerly words of wisdom are interspersed throughout the book. There’s also a magical word fairy running through the pages.
The print book -- 256 pages -- is available at Amazon... $12.95
The ebook is available on Kindle... $3.99 -- Free on KU

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